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Paris » BnF » MS Lat. 264

Library Place Paris
Library Name BnF
Shelfmark MS Lat. 264
Folio Range Whole MS (177 fols)
Date IX 4/4
  • Brittany (?)


  • Jerome, Letter to Pope Damasus (1r-2v)
  • Jerome, Preface to the four Gospels (3r-4r)
  • Eusebius, Letter to Carpianus (4v-5v)
  • Jerome, Second letter to Pope Damasus (5v-6r)
  • Preface and capitula to Matthew's Gospel (6r-8v)
  • Canon tables (9r-16r)
  • Gospel of Matthew (17r-48v)
  • Gospel of Mark, preceded by preface and capitula (49v-85v)
  • Gospel of Luke, preceded by preface and capitula (86r-132v)
  • Gospel of John, preceded by preface and capitula (133r-166v)
  • Capitulare evangeliorum anni circuli (167r-177r).
Old Breton Materials No
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials No
Connection with Brittany

For a possible link between this Gospel-book and the BnF MS Latin 258, see the notes concerning the latter. Deuffic (PMSB 308, §73) considers the Breton origin of Latin 264 as 'probable', and this view is shared by Bischoff in Kat. §3978. However, pending a more detailed and transparent analysis, this origin can only be seen as possible. It is worth drawing attention to the peculiar shape of the letter g that can be seen on some folios of this MS: the letter in question looks like a mixture between the insular g letter-form and an Arabic number 3 (for some good examples, see e.g. fols 5r-v).

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog 3978
Essential bibliography

BNCG I, 97; BnF Archives et Manuscrits; Fleuriot 1983: 104; ILLB In22; Lemoine 2008: 193; PMSB 308 (§73); Simpson (McKee) 1999: 283–4, 289–90.

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Last Updated 2021-06-07 14:42:10
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #127
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