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Exploring the Data

Explore visualisations created using the manuscript collection's underlying data.

Date Range Visualisation

Date Range

This visualization shows the chronological distribution of all the manuscripts included in the Handlist. Notice in particular the ‘clustering’ visible in the range c. AD 825–950, which, therefore, was probably the most intensive phase of Breton manuscript production.

Origin(s) Visualisation


This map includes all the manuscripts for which we could specify at least one possible / probable / certain location of origin (as opposed to more generic regions). Notice the particularly prominent role played by the monastic scriptoria of Landévennec, Redon, and Fleury.

Connection with Brittany Visualisation

Connection with Brittany

How many manuscripts were certainly written in Brittany? And how many were probably written by Breton scribes, but outside of Brittany? This visualization will help to answer questions such as these. Notice that 81 manuscripts were only ‘possibly’ written in Brittany: much work remains to be done on this large group!

Old Breton Materials Visualisation

Old Breton Materials

This visualization shows the proportion of manuscript containing at least one word in the Old Breton language in relation to: (1) the totality of the manuscripts included in the Handlist; (2) a sub-set of ‘certainly’ or ‘probably’ Breton manuscripts. In the latter, notice that manuscripts containing at least one word in Old Breton are the majority!

Genre Visualisation


How many Gospel-books occur in the Handlist? And how many ‘certainly Breton’ and ‘probably Breton’ manuscripts contain texts on grammar, or on computus? This visualization will answer questions such as these.

Irish/Hiberno-Latin Materials Visualisation

Irish/Hiberno-Latin Materials

One of the key research questions of the IrCaBriTT project was to assess the presence of Hiberno-Latin texts and other Irish connections in the Breton manuscript production. Here are some basic data that may be used to try and answer that question.