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Estimated Date Ranges

This visualization shows the chronological distribution of all the manuscripts included in the Handlist. Notice in particular the ‘clustering’ visible in the range c. AD 825–950, which, therefore, was probably the most intensive phase of Breton manuscript production.

Manuscripts with specific Connections with Brittany (Number of MSS: 107)

Connections with Brittany

MSS covered by the chart above fall within the following categories:

  1. Probably written in Brittany;
  2. Certainly written in Brittany;
  3. Some contents probably derive from a Breton exemplar / archetype;
  4. Some contents certainly derive from a Breton exemplar / archetype;
  5. Certainly glossed by Breton scribes;
  6. Probably written by a Breton scribe;
  7. Certainly written by Breton scribes
  8. Probably written by Breton scribes
  9. Certainly written by a Breton scribe;
  10. Probably written in or near Brittany;
  11. Certainly written in or near Brittany.