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Paris » BnF » MS Lat. 17543

Library Place Paris
Library Name BnF
Shelfmark MS Lat. 17543
Folio Range Whole MS (154 fols)
Date XII 2/2
  • Brittany (?)
  • Northern Francia (?)

Paris (Collège de Navarre)

  • Orosius, Historiae adversus paganos (here titled De Hormesta Mundi) (1r-102v)
  • Solinus, Collectanea rerum memorabilium (102v-147r)
  • Richard of Saint Victor, Opuscula (147r-154v).
Old Breton Materials Yes
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials No
Connection with Brittany

Although there is no clear indication that this MS was written in a Breton scriptorium, it may well have been copied from a Breton exemplar (or, alternatively, its contents may ultimately derive from a Breton archetype), as suggested by the single Old Breton gloss to Lat. trigona occurring at fol. 4r (in the right margin): tricorioc. Indeed, this same gloss occurs also in Bern, Burgerbibliothek, MS 160 and Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, MS Voss. Lat. F 13 (cf. Lambert 1988: 214, where it is correctly pointed out that 'on peut s'attendre [...] à retrouver des gloses bretonnes dans des manuscrits tardifs non bretons, qui ont pu avoir pour modèle des manuscrits bretons'). For more details on the Breton MSS containing glosses to Orosius's Historiae, see the entry for Rome (Città del Vaticano), BAV, in the present Handlist.

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog n/a
Essential bibliography

BnF Archives et Manuscrits; Lambert 1988: 214; Lambert 1989: 81–2; Lambert 2018: 40; Lemoine 1985: 291.

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Last Updated 2021-06-07 14:52:29
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #165
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