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Paris » Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève » MS 17

Library Place Paris
Library Name Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève
Shelfmark MS 17
Folio Range 1st C.U. (fols 1-143)
Date IX 3/3
  • Brittany (?)
  • Western Francia (?)


  • Jerome, preface to the four Gospels (acephalous) (1r)
  • Eusebius, letter to Carpianus (1v-2r)
  • Jerome, letter to Pope Damasus (final words only), followed by the argumentum to Matthew's Gospel (2v)
  • Eusebian canons (3r-v)
  • Gospel of Matthew (incomplete) (4r-55v)
  • Gospel of Mark (incomplete) (56r-63v?)
  • Portrait of Saint Mark (62v)
  • Gospel of Luke (acephalous) (64r-108v?)
  • Gospel of John (incomplete), preceded by preface (109r-143v).
Old Breton Materials No
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials No
Connection with Brittany

Bischoff (Kat. §5162) confidently attributes this Gospel-book to Brittany, in agreement with Alexander (EBGB 15, n. 6) and Deuffic (PMSB 314–15; ILLB In24). There is no doubt that the decoration (e.g. the large decorated initial Li of Matthew's Gospel on fol. 4r, or the large decorated initial I of Mark's Gospel on fol. 63r) depends largely on insular models, and some insular abbreviations do occur too (Lemoine 2008: 188). However, pending a detailed and up-to-date palaeographical, art-historic and textual analysis, a Breton origin of this MS cannot fully be confirmed at present (in particular, an origin in a Western Frankish scriptorium, perhaps close to Brittany, cannot be ruled out). The Nevers provenance, on the other hand, is confirmed by an entry on fol. 55v, mentioning Herueus, bishop of Nevers from 1099 to 1109.

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog 5162
Essential bibliography

EBGB 15 (n. 6); Fleuriot 1983: 104; ILLB In24; Initiale; Kohler 1893: I, 20; Lemoine 2005: 16; Lemoine 2008: 188, 193–4; PMSB 314–15 (§96); Rankin 2018: 99, 101, 146, 148; Simpson (McKee) 1999: 283, 289–90.

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Last Updated 2021-05-13 10:13:33
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #173
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