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Angers » BM » MS 18 (14)

Library Place Angers
Library Name BM
Shelfmark MS 18 (14)
Folio Range Whole MS (196 fols)
Date IX 2/3 (c. AD 840-850?)
  • Western Francia (?)
  • Northern Francia (?)
  • Central Francia (?)
  • Saint-Remi of Sens (?)


  • Prefaces and other exegetical materials on the Psalter (1r-17v) including the illustrated Instrumenta Hieronymi (12v-14r)
  • Gallican Psalter (18r-154v)
  • Confessions, Litanies, Prayers (154v-196v).
Old Breton Materials No
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials Yes
Connection with Brittany

Due to a misleading note in EBGB (p. 13, n.1; cf. also Fleuriot 1983: 104), Deuffic (PMSB 291, §2) included this MS in his list of Breton MSS, althouth he acknowledged that 'l'origine bretonne est discutée' (cf. also the mention of this MS 'among Caroline manuscripts so far identified as Breton' in Simpson (McKee) 1999: 276); indeed, there is no clear indication pointing to a Breton origin. The dating given here is based on Kat., §48. Bischoff attributed the MS to Western Francia, whereas Leroquais (1940–1: vol. 1, 19–24) thought that it was written in a Northern or North-Eastern Frankish scriptorium. Finally, Porcher (MPF §90) suggested the abbey of Saint-Remi at Sens. The Old Irish gloss pennoil (= penn fhóil, 'slender feather' or 'slender wing') is preserved in the illuminated section on the Instrumenta Hieronymi, at fol. 12v (cf. Bisagni 2015b: 346–8). This MS shares the Instrumenta Hieronymi and two prayers with Boulogne-sur-Mer, BM, MS 20 (known as 'Odbert's Psalter'), written at St-Bertin in AD 999. At fols 180v–183v we find a Confessio Sancti Patricii episcopi, which is in fact a prayer (incipit Deus Deus meus rex omnipotens ego humiliter te adoro) also occurring with the title De conscientiae reatu ante altare in Basel, UB, A.VII.3, fols 2v-3r (s. IX), where this text was added by the same (Irish?) hand that penned the famous codex Bern, Burgerbibliothek, 363 (cf. L&S §§809–10; cf. also CLH §314, where the old shelfmark 14 is used for this MS, which is here attributed, for unclear reasons, to the Tours scriptorium).

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog 48
Essential bibliography

Bisagni 2015b: 346–50; CCfr; CGM 31: 195–6; CLH §314; CMD VII, 550–1; EBGB 13 (n.1); Fleuriot 1983: 104; Initiale; Leroquais 1940–1: vol. 1, 19–24 (§12); ; MPF §90; PMSB 291 (§2); Simpson (McKee) 1999: 276.

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Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #2
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