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Tongeren / Tongres » Basilique Notre-Dame de la Nativité (Trésor de la Cathédrale) » MS 17

Library Place Tongeren / Tongres
Library Name Basilique Notre-Dame de la Nativité (Trésor de la Cathédrale)
Shelfmark MS 17
Folio Range Whole MS (139 fols)
Date IX 2/2
  • Brittany
  • Saint-Pern (?)

Saint-Pern (diocese of Saint-Malo)

  • Gospel prefaces (1r-4v)
  • Eusebian canon tables (5r-6v)
  • Potrait of Saint Matthew (9v)
  • Gospel of Matthew (incomplete)
  • Gospel of Mark (acephalous)
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Portrait of Saint John (138v)
  • Gospel of John, preceded by preface and capitula
  • Capitulare evangeliorum
  • Detailed colophon mentioning the names of the scribe Gleuhitr and the abbot Loeisguoret (139v)

Fols 48-75 are 15th-century additions.

Old Breton Materials Yes
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials No
Connection with Brittany

The Breton origin of this MS, also known as 'Gospels of Saint-Pern' (where Saint-Pern < Saint Bern, i.e. Saint Paternus), is confirmed by the detailed colophon at fol. 173v, where the names of the scribe and his abbot (at Saint-Pern?)—respectively Gleuhitr and Loeisguoret—are mentioned (cf. PMSB 319; Deuffic 2008: 102; ILLB In26, p. 74). It is possible that this Gospel-book was written by Gleuhitr at Saint-Pern, but we cannot rule out that it was written elsewhere in Brittany (perhaps at Saint-Méen de Gaël, as suggested in Guillotel 1985: 29 and Deuffic 2008: 102) and was later offered by the scribe to the church of Saint-Pern (the colophon is somewhat ambiguous on this point).

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog 6113
Essential bibliography

Deuffic 2008: 102; EBGB 15 (n. 3), 16–23; Fleuriot 1983: 104; Guillotel 1982: 280–1; Guillotel 1985: 26–9; ILLB In26; Kitzinger 2013b: 40 (n. 23); Lemoine 2002; Lemoine 2005: 22; PMSB 319 (§117); Simpson (McKee) 1999: 284, 289–90.

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Last Updated 2021-06-14 08:26:53
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #215
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