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Oxford » Bodleian Library » MS Bodley 572 (S.C. 2026)

Library Place Oxford
Library Name Bodleian Library
Shelfmark MS Bodley 572 (S.C. 2026)
Folio Range 1st C.U. (fols 1-50)
Date X
  • Cornwall
  • Wales
  • Wales (s. X ex.)
  • England (s. XI).
  • Missa Germani episcopi (1r-v)
  • Expositio missae (2r-13v)
  • Biblical book of Tobias (preceded by Jerome's preface), with Old Cornish glosses (14r-25v)
  • Augustine, Epistula 130, De orando Deo (26r-36r)
  • Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 179, De igne purgatorio (36v-39v)
  • Antiphons, benedictions, cryptograms and a computistical table (mostly added s. X ex. / XI) (39v-40v)
  • Runes, Runic alphabet, and an erased text, perhaps concerning the Harrowing of Hell (41r-v)
  • Scholastic colloquy De raris fabulis, with glosses in Latin, Old English, Old Cornish and Old Welsh (41v-47r)
  • Liturgical chants (added s. X / XI / XII) (47r-49v).
Old Breton Materials No
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials No
Connection with Brittany

The first codicological unit of this MS (fols 1–50) is also known as Codex Oxoniensis posterior: its contents were produced over several decades in Cornish and Welsh scriptoria (indeed, four originally independent units constitute section 1r–50v). The relevance of this MS to Early Medieval Brittany is constituted by a Latin lexical peculiarity—a 'Hisperic' feature, we might say—exhibited by one of its scribes, the Cornishman Bledian (cf. notarii Bledian and Bledian scriptor at fols 36r and 39v), who used the verb scrutari twice in the sense of 'reading' in the colophons he wrote at fols 36r and 39v. This linguistic feature has precise parallels in some Breton MSS: in particular, a colophon in Cambridge, Corpus Christi, MS 192, fol. 97v, and a colophon in Rome (Città del Vaticano), BAV, MS, fol. 107v (Lambert 2018: 6–7; Lemoine 1988: 234–6). The fact that the same peculiar usage of the verb scrutari is shared by Cornish and Breton scribes is a small but precious indication of the strong intellectual links that existed between these two countries in the Early Middle Ages (however, consider also Lemoine 2010: 216, n. 7, where the author rejects his former characterisation of scrutari for 'studying' as a Hisperic feature).

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog n/a
Essential bibliography

ASM 455 (§583); Bradshaw 1889: 470–1, 486; Charles-Edwards 2012: 402–3; Ker 1957: 376–7 (§313); Lambert 2018: 6–7; Lemoine 1988: 234–5; MMOL; Schrijver 2011: 10; Simpson (McKee) in Falileyev and Owen 2005: 90; Simpson (McKee) 2012: 341; Simpson (McKee) 2012b: 170

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Last Updated 2021-05-27 10:33:34
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #117
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