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Oxford » Bodleian Library » MS Hatton 42 (4117)

Library Place Oxford
Library Name Bodleian Library
Shelfmark MS Hatton 42 (4117)
Folio Range 1st C.U. (fols 1-142)
Date IX 1/3
  • Brittany
  • Corbie?
  • Canterbury
  • Worcester
  • Collectio Canonum Hibernensis, recension B (1r-130r)
  • Excerpta de libris Romanorum et Francorum, also known as Canones Wallici (130r-132v)
  • Canones Adomnani (132v-133v)
  • Repetition of some chapters from the Hibernensis (133v-134r)
  • Short text on weights and measures, followed by a short text on the names of the months apud Macedones (134r-v)
  • Excerpts from Gaius, Institutiones (134v-138r)
  • Tables, short legal tracts, excerpts from Isidore and the Iudicia Theodori (138r-142v)
Old Breton Materials Yes
Irish / Hiberno-Latin materials Yes
Connection with Brittany

As pointed out by Flechner (2019: I, 133), this is one of the two complete surviving copies of recension B of the Collectio Canonum Hibernensis (the other being Rome, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, MS T. XVIII). Interestingly, the first quire (fols 1r-7v) is a replacement in English Caroline minuscule, written possibly at Canterbury; indeed, the MS had certainly reached England by the early eleventh century (cf. Flechner 2019, ibid.). The Breton name Matguoret occurs in a marginal entry at fol. 22r (perhaps the scribe's name?), and this MS also contains six glosses in Old Breton. It is probable that Hatton 42 was written in Brittany, although it is also conceivable that it was written by a Breton scribe working elsewhere, for example in a centre of the Loire Valley. In any case, the contents clearly belong to the Breton manuscript tradition of the Hibernensis and its associated texts: it is therefore virtually certain that at least the exemplar (or the ultimate archetype) of some of the texts in Hatton 42 came from Brittany. It should finally be pointed out that the fourth codicological unit too (fols 189r–204v), containing Ansegisus's Capitularies, may have been written in Brittany during the second half of the ninth century (according to the information provided on the MMOL page for this MS).

Number(s) in Bischoff's Katalog 3798
Essential bibliography

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Last Updated 2021-05-25 08:42:33
Author Jacopo Bisagni
DHBM Identifier #118
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